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Translation Questions

If you can complete these questions with success and have grasped the concepts of each chapter thus far, then you deserve a congratulations as you have successfully understood the foundations of Medieval Latin. If, however, you did struggle on some of the concepts, all you need to do is revisit the other pages on this site until you are more comfortable.

Either way, if you wish to pursue more of Medieval Latin then be sure to click the button below and get yourself the guide that this website is based off.

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1. Lucia filia predicti domini Richardi predictas terras concedit et hac carta confirmat ecclesie Sancti Bartholomei.

2. Nos, Henricus et Simo filius meus predictas quinque acras, predictum messuagium, et decem rodas pratorum situatum in Wodeford concessimus et hac carta confirmavimus domino nostro Johanni.

3. Ego, Lucas, supradicto Nicholao novem parcellas terre dedi et hoc scripto confirmavi.

4. Domini Thomas et Willelmus has predictas tres acras terre et hoc predictum pratum in Westgate situata dederunt et hac carta confirmaverunt predicto Simo.

5. Ego, Robertus dedi, concessi et hac mea carta confirmavi domino unum domum cum has predictas quinque acras prato et pertinentiis.

6. Henricus et Constancie uxor euis tenent has tres acras terre domino de Shepton.

7. Elizabetha reddit hos novem denarios episcopo de Horemede Magna pro hoc messuagio et tres parcellas prati.

8. Domini Willelmus et Radulfus has predictas vaccas hoc predictum messuagium et has predictas decem acras prato in Norwico situates dederunt et hac carta confirmaverunt ecclesie Sancti Andree.

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1. Lucy, the daughter of the aforesaid Lord Richard, grants and confirms by this charter the aforesaid lands to the church of Saint Bartholomew.

2. We, Henry and my son Simon, granted and confirmed by this charter the aforesaid four acres of land, the aforesaid messuage, and ten roods of meadows situated in Wodeford to our Lord John.

3. I, Luke, gave and confirmed by this writing nine portions of land to the above-mentioned Nicholas.

4. The Lords Thomas and William gave and confirmed by this charter these aforesaid three acres of land and this aforesaid meadow situated in Westgate to the aforesaid Simon.

5. I, Robert, gave, granted and confirmed by my charter one house with these aforesaid five acres of meadow and appurtenances to the lord.

6. Henry and his wife Constance hold these three acres of land from the lord of Shepton.

7. Elizabeth pays these nine pennies to the bishop of Great Hormead in return for this messuage and three portions of meadow.

8. The lords William and Ralph gave and by this charter confirmed these aforesaid cattle, this aforesaid messuage, and these aforesaid ten acres of meadow situated in Norwich, to the church of Saint Andrew.

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1. Gilbertus dat tres acras, que jacent in campo.

2. Hec est domus, que Henricus tenet.

3. Concedant duas acras, que jacent juxta portas civitas.

4. Hi sunt filii, quibus do hoc partum.

5. He sunt domine, quibus reddit denarium.

6. Concedo messuagium homini, cuius Anna filia est.

7. Lego duas marcas filie mee, cum quam maneo.

8. Dominus Gilbert de Northgate dedit ecclesie Sancti Willelmi quinque acras terre cum pertinenciis quas tenuit in Oxon.

9. Teneo decem acras, quarum tres acre jacent inter terram Nicholai et terram Mathei.

10. Nos, Radulfus et Lucas, damus tria messuagia et tres campos Domino, cuius predictus Radulfus debet tres solidos.

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1. Robert gives three acres, which lie in a field.

2. This is the house, which Henry holds.

3. They grant two acres, which lie next to the city gates.

4. These are the sons, to whom I gave this meadow.

5. These are the Ladies, to whom he pays a penny.

6. I grant a messuage to the man, of whom Anna is the daughter.

7. I bequeath two marks to my daughter, whom I reside with.

8. The Lord Henry of Northgate gave to the church of Saint William five acres of land with appurtenances which he held in Oxford.

9. I hold ten acres, of which three acres lie between the land of Nicholas and the land of Matthew.

10. We, Ralph and Luke, give three messuages and three fields to the lord, of whom the aforesaid Ralph owes three shillings.

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