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Welcome to: The Daly Medieval Podcast

PODCAST: Welcome

About the Podcast

Hello to any and all Medievalists out there! My name is Luke Daly and I have an eager passion for all things medieval. As such, tune in every week for videos on the medieval combat sport of Buhurt, podcasts on Medieval History, and updates on my journey as a historian. I do hope you all enjoy!


Some of our Episodes




Medieval English Imperialism and Concepts of 'Englishness'

For our opening episode, we are looking at the origins of English Imperialism, and the question of England's place within the British Isles, here across the long span from the 1180s through to the 1320s.




The Medieval Sport of Buhurt: A Short Film

A short film was made about my Buhurt team in Norwich - Knights Tower - to give you all a glimpse into this incredible sport. Buhurt is a modern-day full contact combat sport which involves fighters using blunt steel weapons and armour characteristic of medieval times.




Interview with HistoryHit's Matt Lewis

In this episode, I am joined by author and host of HistoryHit's Gone Medieval Podcast, Matt Lewis. Within this episode, we discuss Matt's incredible work with Richard III, as well as his journey to becoming a fantastic author and podcast host.

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